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Think of your favourite photo of a close friend.  Or a picture of someone you love looking like they are exactly in the space they are supposed to be.

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Alain Bouvier is most defiant of the word ‘cliche’ – hence his style when he shoots brings out the truth in people.


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Alain offers a deeply-insightful european mood with his photography, combined with a conscientious technical approach and an ability to organically capture people in their essence. He enjoys working with folk within the arts industries, and thrives on the creative connection that comes with artists, be them musicians or fine artists, who are as passionate about their craft as he is.A_Bouvier-08-07-08-13-0872aweb

Whether the sittings are in a studio environment, backstage before a gig or under lights during a performance, Alain, with his eye for interesting composition and an instinctual understanding of how people ‘roll’, has a talent and approach that has entrusted artists to want to work with him again and again.BDO Gold Coast cage the elephant1web

As you can see from his images, they are poignant, intense and playful where warranted.  You’ll often see subtle signs of the symbols that elude to what makes a person who they are.  He is the dedicated ‘fly on the wall’, capturing moments and personalities that have led his work to be published in books and other publications broadly._MG_5972_3_4-Editjpgweb

He loves to collaborate with a client on ideas of the types of photographs required and always delivers on those requests.  That said, a bonus for anyone, following that more structured session, is when he takes a moment to shoot what strikes him – which can often be the shots that are most treasured.

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