It is exciting for Alain to combine his two passions; being a chef and a photographic artist, to take the most delectable shots of ‘nourriture’.  Always keen to share an image that is new and fresh, Alain captures the textures and colours of a meal in a way that makes you feel as though you are tasting them with your eyes.  Alain understands that every culinary specialist has their own flavour, which is what he likes the most.  Having shot for numerous recipe books he respects and appreciates the style that each individual food lover has to offer, and thrives in working together to create the perfect image of their gastronomic creation.

Classically trained as a chef in France, he has more than 15 years of extensive experience in all aspects of the food industry. From cafes, restaurants, pubs, and hotels of the Sunshine Coast, to boats on the Coral Sea and French Polynesia, as well as traditional restaurants, schools and hospitals in the South of France and luxurious 5 star resorts in Bora-Bora. He now pursues a second career as professional photographer and he has combined his 2 life-long passions; Food and Photography.

What is involved in preparing, cooking, styling and displaying a mouth-watering dish is no secret to Alain. He will help you capture professional, compelling food and beverage photos and he will translate your creations into unforgettable images.

If you need food photographs for : print or web advertising • menu photography • food packaging • magazine editorial • cookbook/e-book photography • food blogs and social media.

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